Searching for the Shade: First photos from Oman

Volcom Europe bring the heat in some uncharted territory.
By Roberto Alegria

Searching for the Shade is the title of this mission and it says a lot about this trip. Oman is a whole new country to discover, and a new Volcom mission with a temperature averaging 40 degrees Celsius.

Eniz Fazliov, Daan Van Der Linden, Harry Lintell and Ben Raemers were searching for shade every second of this trip and when they could't find it, they went searching for skate spots and ripped non-stop all day.

The first of two chapters will go live this Thursday right here on our skate channel. In the meantime, we cooked some eggs on the streets.

Here we go with the first photos from the Volcom Europe trip to Oman. Enjoy the heat!

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Eniz Fazliov – Frontside noseblunt
Eniz Fazliov, Frontside Noseblunt
Eniz Fazliov – Frontside noseblunt Eniz skated every spot we went to. This hubba at the city's main stadium was perfect for this gnarly noseblunt. © Roberto Alegria
Harry Lintell – Flip crooked
Harry Lintell, Flip Crooked
Harry Lintell – Flip crooked Harry can adapt to all kinds of terrain, from the most technical spots to the gnarliest ones. He didn't want to leave this spot without leaving his mark on it, so after a few tries he stomped this flip crooks. © Roberto Alegria
Group shot
Group shot At every spot we went to in Muscat, a big crowd of people would gather to watch. I guess it's not a particularly common sight to have a bunch of Westerners jumping down handrails. © Roberto Alegria
Daan Van Der Linden – Frontside noseslide
Daan Van Der Linden, Frontside Noseslide
Daan Van Der Linden – Frontside noseslide Daan bet he could frontside noseslide this rail first go. Word is bond and he collected some Omani Rials. © Roberto Alegria
Ben Raemers
Ben Raemers
Ben Raemers Even though Ben got injured on the first few days of the tour, he enjoyed the whole trip like a kid. © Roberto Alegria
Eniz Fazliov
Eniz Fazliov
Eniz Fazliov I do not know who bought the plastic guns, but at any time of the day you could end up with an arrow to the forehead. Just like Eniz. © Roberto Alegria
Harry Lintell – Switch flip
Harry Lintell, Switch Flip
Harry Lintell – Switch flip Like a big oasis in the desert, this is like the Central Park of Muscat. Thankfully, it is full of spots and Harry put down this switch flip on one such gem. © Roberto Alegria
Eniz Fazliov – Fakie nosegrind
Eniz Fazliov, Fakie Nosegrind
Eniz Fazliov – Fakie nosegrind In a little shopping centre we found these perfect black marble ledges to film lines on. Despite the heat, Eniz Fazliov skated the ledges non-stop until he was exhausted and locked this fakie nosegrind mid-line. © Roberto Alegria
Roberto Aleman
Roberto Aleman
Roberto Aleman Roberto came but had an injured ankle the whole time. He still managed to walk on water, however. © Roberto Alegria
Harry Lintell – Frontside nosegrind
Harry Lintell, Frontside Nosegrind
Harry Lintell – Frontside nosegrind Harry was one of the riders who skated the most during the tour. He filmed moves at every single spot we went to, and refused to leave this handrail without making this nosegrind. © Roberto Alegria
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