Arcade fire! Video highlights from Barcelona

All the hammers from last weekend’s global final of Red Bull Skate Arcade.
By Niall Neeson

Last weekend’s international onslaught at Tibidabo Amusement Park in Barcelona saw not just a new King of the Arcade crowned in Jart’s Fernan Origel, but also produced a stack of intense bangers from everyone involved. Reaching skaters from dozens of countries across all continents, the competition was truly global, giving every skater the chance to compete against the world.

We were on hand to log all the footy and have been beavering away in between times to distil it down to this crisp little edit of the event for your viewing pleasure. Once again, many thanks to all the skaters from around the world who entered and to everyone who helped pull this extravaganza together. Hope you enjoy the highlight edit above, and keep an eye out for the names below who seem certain to make a big impact in skateboarding in years to come.

See you next year!

Red Bull Skate Arcade Global Final 2014 Results:

01. Fernan Origel
02. John Bejarano
03. Matías Dell Olio
04. Joao Pedro Oliveira
05. Edinson Azuaje
06. Woody Hoogendijk
07. Christian Estrada
08. Trevor Cappon
09. Branislav Mrvan
10. Caio Notaro
11. Andrzej Podsiadlo
12. Gonçalo Vilardebó (Portugal)
13. Mulisha Murillo
14. Allan Vásquez
15. Karel Raichl
16. Hiro Alcala

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