Souvlaki Seekers – Skate Escape to Athens

Check out the best photos from our upcoming edit, featuring some skateboarding escapism in Greece.
By Eric Mirbach

German photographer and Munich-local Leo Preisinger embarked on a journey to the Greek capital of Athens with film-maker Matthias Reich and a crew of raw skateboarding talent they both had assembled for their search of Souvlaki. With Marco Kada, who just recently delivered a banging edit, German powerhouse Ben Dillinger, newcomer Simon Stricker and handrail-machine Tobias Fleischer on board.

The outcome of their adventure, footage-wise, was a no-brainer, really. Here's the photo gallery accompanied by Leo Preisinger's memories of the trip.

Check back for the edit, coming Thursday October 2nd!

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Acropolis Sundown
Acropolis Sundown
Acropolis Sundown "Famous Acropolis at sundown – this view left me speechless night after night." © Leo Preisinger
Ben Dillinger – Smithgrind
Ben Dillinger, Smithgrind
Ben Dillinger – Smithgrind "Athens has loads of perfect spots and somehow, they're all in front of churches – so you get busted a lot. Luckily, Ben doesn't hesitate ever and sessioned this rail solo, nevermind the three-stair-drop." © Leo Preisinger
The Crew
The Crew
The Crew "We were on a platform over the historic Olympic Stadium and I was lucky enough to catch everyone's attention for this shot before they went back to spamming their Instagram feeds." © Leo Preisinger
Ben Dillinger
Ben Dillinger
Ben Dillinger "Even MVPs have to rest sometimes – good thing we were at a ledge-spot anyway." © Leo Preisinger
Marco Kada – Hardflip
Marco Kada, Hardflip
Marco Kada – Hardflip "When we arrived at this stairset at the university, I saw Marco hardflip it with my inner eye. Twenty minutes later, my career as a fortune teller was on!" © Leo Preisinger
Tobias Fleischer – Boardslide
Tobias Fleischer, Boardslide
Tobias Fleischer – Boardslide "Tobi didn't have the best of luck on our trip and this photo is no exception. What started as a warm-up trick he originally did in just a few tries before the camera was ready, turned into a 1.5 hours nightmare in the blazing midday sun. Phew!" © Leo Preisinger
Marco Kada, Parliament
Marco Kada, Parlament
Marco Kada, Parliament "The guards at the Parliament have to stand still in their traditional uniforms for hours everyday. Marco scored this epic tourist shot before Matthias set up his camera and we were kicked out for having too professional-looking equipment. Filmers these days…" © Leo Preisinger
Matthias Reich
Matthias Reich
Matthias Reich "The man, the myth, the legend – the one and only Matthias Reich doing what he does best. This dude set up the whole tour and I can only recommend going abroad with this Austrian original." © Leo Preisinger
Simon Stricker – Nosebluntslide
Simon Stricker, Nosebluntslide
Simon Stricker – Nosebluntslide "This spot at the entrance of the 2004 Olympic Stadium consists of what looks like hundreds of handrails, but only few of them are actually skateable. Simon didn't feel too well that day but, as he put it, just had to skate this rail. He then did." © Leo Preisinger
Tobias Fleischer – Backside tailslide
Tobias Fleischer, Backside Tailslide
Tobias Fleischer – Backside tailslide "The Gazi Square is a warm-up and hangout-spot for the Athens locals located in a nightlife hotspot. When you're here early, you can get a couple nice backside tailslides on the ledge you have been consuming various beverages the night before." © Leo Preisinger
Simon Stricker – Kickflip
Simon Stricker, Kickflip
Simon Stricker – Kickflip "One of the most famous spots in Athens, the university doubleset. Everything about it is perfect, so obviously we went there only to find out that the ABD-list was a real problem. Simon improvised and brought home the last trick of a very successful tour." © Leo Preisinger