The Arrival – the making of Coastal Business

While Denny Pham gets acquainted with LA, Vladik Scholz breaks a bone two days into his stay in NYC.
By Eric Mirbach

Two cities, two skaters, one mission – that's Coastal Business. Both Vladik Scholz and Denny Pham were asked to film a full-blown video part in two of skateboarding's major playgrounds: Los Angeles and New York City.

Both these hubs of the skateboarding world offer unique possibilities – but they can also make your life miserable, especially when you have just three weeks to complete a banging section. It's heavy traffic versus miles of pushing on your board, it's long ABD-lists versus rough surfaces and hard-to-skate spots.

In this first episode of our 'making of' we accompany both Vladik and Denny on their first days in New York and Los Angeles. Welcome to the school of hard knocks!

The soundtrack for the video was made by hip hop producers Brenk and Figub Brazlevic – heavyweights of the European scene and well-known for their sound influenced by the rich culture of both the Eastcoast and the Westcoast of the US.

We'll be back for the second part of the Making Of Coastal Business on October 22 – so check back!


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