It’s a wrap! The making of Coastal Business

Denny Pham and Vladik Scholz struggle through to get their finishing moves in before the deadline.
By Eric Mirbach

Two cities, two skaters, one mission – that's Coastal Business. Both Vladik Scholz and Denny Pham were asked to film a full-blown video part in two of skateboarding's major playgrounds: Los Angeles and New York City.

Both these hubs of the skateboarding world offer unique possibilities – but they can also make your life miserable, especially when you have just three weeks to complete a banging section. It's heavy traffic versus miles of pushing on your board, it's long ABD-lists versus rough surfaces and hard-to-skate spots.

The third and final episode of the Making Of is all about getting the last tricks done with a deadline approaching. The finishing line is close!

Make sure to check out Vladik's and Denny's Coastal Business full parts filmed in LA and NYC:


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