LRG Pandanavia Tour – stage one in photos

Postcards from the edge as the crew begin to rip through Scandinavia.
By Christian Welther

The first episode of the LRG Pandanavia Tour is packed with bossy lines from the cities of Aalborg, Aarhus and Malmö. Alongside the tight demos, heads like Felipe Gustavo, Carlos Ribeiro, Kilian Zehnder, Helder Lima, Marek Zaprazny, Raul Navarro and Trent McClung pumped out the heavyweight street action like knocking in nails.

Episode One will be live and direct right here on October 30. Expect all of the pandemonium from the stills below plus extra Pandanavian goodness on top.

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Carlos Ribeiro – Backside smith
Carlos Ribeiro, back smith
Carlos Ribeiro – Backside smith Malmö’s famous ‘TBS’ spot was our warm-up destination every day in town. © Daniel Wagner
Wheels The tourbus outside Streetlab in Malmö. We filled it up with locals and took the demo to the streets! © Daniel Wagner
Kilian Zehnder – Front board
Kilian Zehnder, front board
Kilian Zehnder – Front board Fernando showed us this rough rail in the Malmö suburbs – no mercy shown by Kili, who stuck a couple of solid moves on it. © Daniel Wagner
Footy check
Footage check
Footy check The crew keep tabs on Kamil’s filming skills. © Daniel Wagner
Felipe Gustavo- Crooks
Felipe Gustavo, Croooks
Felipe Gustavo- Crooks Rather than a conventional demo in Malmö, a bus drove us around with the locals. Felipe shows his tranny skills on a nice mini-ramp. © Daniel Wagner
Vibes Come what may, Felipe is the man to keep the vibes flowing. © Daniel Wagner
Marek Zaprazny – Ollie
Marek Zaprazny, ollie
Marek Zaprazny – Ollie Marek continues to put it down at beer o’ clock in Malmö. © Daniel Wagner
LRG Crew
LRG Crew
LRG Crew Trent takes the weight off his feet, while Felipe makes sure he just heard that right! © Daniel Wagner
Carlos Ribeiro- 50-50
Carlos Ribeiro, Tailslide
Carlos Ribeiro- 50-50 Carlos leaves his mark on a clean stone hubba in Gothenburg. © Daniel Wagner
Trouble Felipe Gustavo, ringleader and instigator, every time! © Daniel Wagner