Zeal, for real: Ignacio Morata

The Spanish bossman on Cadiz, his situation with Blueprint, and taking the heat.
By Sergio Alvarez

It has been several years since Ignacio ‘Nachete’ Morata appeared on skating’s radar, and it was immediately clear that he had the ability to stick around. Undeniably one of the best skaters in Spain today, he has ridden the waves of opportunity and challenge with the same enthusiasm he had on day one.

Ignacio Morata
Ignacio Morata © Sergio Alvarez

So, what’s your secret, Nachete?
(Laughs) No secret, it is purely fun and motivation. I look for motivation in every possible way, with friends, travelling… I always try to have a good time, though I have ups and downs. Sometimes I wake up feeling like skating all day... [whereas] other days I need a push to go out skating.

Cadiz is the closest European city to Africa, how has such an isolated place produced so many good skaters?
I’ve no idea – it’s definitely not down to the skateparks or facilities. What we do have relative to the rest of Spain is very good weather. I suppose that helps quite a lot.

Ignacio Morata - Backside Smithgrind
Ignacio Morata - Backside Smithgrind © Sergio Alvarez

Not long ago you started skating for Blueprint, what’s the situation there?
Yes, that’s true, but now things aren’t well there – I think they might have even dropped the whole team. It was a small/big problem between the English and the Americans... Canadians, in fact. The brand was English, an American distribution company bought it and kept the original team until something happened between them, and the whole team left. The distributor tried to continue with the brand and started a new team including myself... but it looks like the English made it impossible for them to make the project work. I think (that) now it will transfer back to them.

Do you follow any training or diet regime?
I try to take care of myself; even more so, now. Food is very important... even though I don’t follow a particular diet, I try to eat well and avoid certain things. I do exercise, and stretch, and surf… it’s a workout that complements skating. Though my consistency could improve a little bit (laughs).

Ignacio Morata - Frontside Feeble
Ignacio Morata - Frontside Feeble © Sergio Alvarez

It’s difficult to live as a pro in Spain – have you ever thought about moving to the USA?
I have thought about the idea, but it has never fully convinced me. At least, not the part about going by myself. I might be going soon for a while, with the people from Orion Trucks. I’ve been skating for them for quite a while now, and we’ve talked about this a few times… let’s see how it goes!

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