Sewa’s Sequence – The ultimate combo

See what Sewa Kroetkov came up with on the manny pad of his dreams!
By Niall Neeson

Sewa Kroetkov started skateboarding in the Netherlands, a little over a decade ago. He moved to Los Angeles a few years back to pursue his dream of making it as a professional skateboarder, and last summer he did just that, making it into the professional roster of Blind Skateboards.

Alongside Red Bull, he created Sewa’s Sequence, a project which gives him the perfect stage to demonstrate his particular game... ever seen a bigspin boardslide to manny, to crook, to nose manny-nollie flip out?!


Sewa Kroetkov
Sewa Kroetkov © Rutger Pauw
Sewa Kroetkov
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