The Sun Also Rises: Route One in Madrid

Enjoy capital punishment in Spain courtesy of Britain’s top boys.
By Alex Winstanley

Recently, Route One TM Joshua Young and I sat down together with the matter of escaping the cold, wet and grey of Britain at the forefront of our minds.

After a couple of weeks research, Josh, Nicky Howells and Doug McLaughlan, alongside photographer Jason Lewer and myself arrived in the Spanish capital Madrid with a week of skateboarding and sightseeing in mind – come on, you can't visit somewhere like Madrid and not spend at least a few hours looking into the culture and architecture!

As our immense luck would have it, of all the places to stay, we happened to chance upon some beautiful apartments directly above the city's raddest skate shop, Welcome. Having served as the heartbeat of Spain's skate community for the past six years, Borja Santiago and his fantastic crew helped us brilliantly over the course of the week; drawing maps for spots, and telling us about others we didn't know. In short, they simply couldn't have been more welcoming. Pretty apt, really.

Next time you consider a Spanish skateboarding trip, perhaps be confident enough to venture away from Barcelona, Mallorca and the rest of those well-worn meccas, and instead head inland to the stunningly beautiful capital, and the skate-spot gems within its plazas and streets.

Madrid? We'll definitely be going back.

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