Streets On Fire: Habanec and Hvaara in Barcelona

Norway and the Czech Republic send their ambassadors on a foreign affair.
By Niall Neeson

Halloween saw some skating fireworks sparking off in Barcelona when Gard Hvaara and Maxim Habanec linked up to put together this banging joint edit.

When just 14, Gard first hit Barcelona to explore the skating side of the city.

Now, three years on, the 17-year-old reached out to Maxim, who he met through the international contest circuit, with a plan to roam the streets of the skateboarding capital.

Gard Hvaara - Backside Overcrooks
Gard Hvaara - Backside Overcrooks © Maxim Habanec

I’ve thought about going back to Barcelona for such a long time, to hit up the same spots where I made my first edit.

– Gard Hvaara

"The best part was to see the progression and feel the changes relative to my last visit. It turned out to be a great week of shooting & skating; it could hardly have been any better!” 

Or as Maxim put it: "We had to go out and get something in the bag every day. Sometimes it wasn’t easy at all. When your body is really tired and sore, its hard to smile and land hard tricks at the same time!

“Skating with Gard was fun, though – we both like rails and gaps, so for us it was perfect to skate the same spots. Despite some problems with police it was a really fun trip and I think we logged some good skating in those few days.” 

Judge for yourself from the edit above.

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