Big Audio Dynamite: Loud Headphones rip Costa Rica

Two Costa Rican kids get their hearing back with the help of the Loud Headphones crew.
By Mike Anderson

We drove from San Jose to the beach town of Liberia to meet with the cochlear implant foundation Let Them Hear and the two kids who were getting the implant surgeries, 15-year-old Sebastian and three-year-old Jose David. We skated through the week at what spots we could find, and anxiously waited for the day of the operations.

We all thought we were prepared for what was going to happen with the surgeries, but had no idea it would be such a rollercoaster of emotions.

Kenny Anderson, Don Nguyen, Julian Davidson, Nick Garcia, Evan Smith, and I were front row during the whole process of the surgeries – from the operating rooms and the waiting rooms to the activation day, and the home cooked meals with the families.

Costa Rica didn't have enough tissues for all of us big softies.

To say I'm proud of what we're doing would be an understatement, but we are far from finished.

This is just the beginning and we are turning this little company with a rad idea into a full sized BEAST! The match is lit, and the fire is burning; we are going to help as many people as we can.

Support us and let's do some good together!

Torey Pudwill
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