Everything a skater needs to know about Lille

Come skate in Lille and experience the warmth of the great north!
By Greg Poissonnier

Let's be brutally honest here, when you think about France and skateboarding, Lille isn't really the city that springs immediately to mind: some will think Lyon, Paris or Bordeaux, others will instantly think about the infamous Prado bowl in Marseille. Fair enough.

Grand Place - Lille
Grand Place - Lille © Périg Morisse

After taking a closer look, though, you might slightly change your mind and add Lille to your French skateboarding bucket-list.

First things first, avoid winter because chances are the streets will remain wet throughout your stay, so you may spend more time at the pub trying local beverages than scratching your trucks, which I'm sure would be fun too but it’s not really the point here!

Maxence Cheval - Blunt to fakie
Maxence Cheval - Blunt to fakie © Périg Morisse

Spot-wise, thanks to some regeneration, the city is creating more and more spots: stairs, ledges, banks… the whole deal; and if you're looking for some trannies, you may find what you're looking for at the indoor park "La Halle de Glisse", where there's also a nice little outdoor street plaza.

Lately a lot of concrete parks popped up in cities surrounding Lille, and that is without mentioning Lile’s proximity to Belgium, where spots are countless.

A few riders you may have heard of like Olivier ‘Tavu’ Ente or Valentin Bauer both hail from Lille, the scene is alive and kicking as the Octagon proves; shop-wise, Zeropolis is the shop to visit if you're in need of anything.

Loïc Ridou - Crooked Grind
Loïc Ridou - Crooked Grind © Périg Morisse

Visit Lille if you get the chance: you'll have a blast skating, make tons of friends, eat some great food and drink some amazing beers! Salut!

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