Latin fever sweeps CPH Open

This is how a skate contest should be run.
By Niall Neeson

In what should be the template for future city-based skate events, last weekend’s CPH Open contest took place over a series of locations dotted around the municipality.

Vying with Malmö for the title of most skateboarding-progressive city in the world, Copenhagen opened its arms to skateboarding this year to an extent never seen before. From downtown qualifiers to skatepark deathmatches, to best-trick contests in theme parks and finals on an island DIY spot, we think that this has to rate as among best weekend events of the modern skateboarding era.

That fact is reflected in the turnout of pro skaters that you wouldn’t normally expect to see at a straight ‘contest’ event. That is worthy of note.

Large knucks to Simon Weyhe, Ryan Clements and all involved in the background as ever.

Final Results:
1. Carlos Ribeiro
2. Louie Lopez
3. Luan Oliveira
4. Felipe Gustavo
5. Tommy Fynn

6. Matt Berger

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Park overview
overview of copenhagen skatepark
Park overview © Mathijs Tromp
Louie Lopez- Noseblunt
Louie Lopez noseblunt on the island DIY spot in Copenhagen
Louie Lopez- Noseblunt © Mathijs Tromp
Peter Ramondetta - Front board
Reals Peter Ramondetta front boards the long rail
Peter Ramondetta - Front board © Mathijs Tromp
Good times
media sitting atop a bus in Copenhagen
Good times © Mathijs Tromp
Daan Van Der Linden - Backside ollie
Daan van der linden floats a huge backside ollie in cph skatepark
Daan Van Der Linden - Backside ollie © Mathijs Tromp
Stefan Janoski
Stefan Janoski © Mathijs Tromp
Best trick mayhem
Tivoli Gardens best trick contest overview in downtown copenhagen
Best trick mayhem © Mathijs Tromp
Neverton Casella - Switch flip
Neverton Casells with a NBD switch flip at the tivoli double set
Neverton Casella - Switch flip © Mathijs Tromp
Balaclava boat brass
brass band plays on the boat in copenhagen
Balaclava boat brass © Mathijs Tromp
Dan Plunkett - Frontside flip
dan plunkett frontside flips at the DIY triangle spot in Copenhagen
Dan Plunkett - Frontside flip © Mathijs Tromp