6 minutes packed with worldwide shredding

Make yourself comfy and enjoy some memorable sessions that took place all around the globe in 2015!
By Greg Poissonnier

2015 saw its fair share of heavy ripping, and to be honest we're pretty stoked that we were no stranger to that fact. We sent some of the most eclectic crews to the most unexpected areas of this planet just for the simple pleasure of having a roll where no urethane wheel had slid before.

Madagascar, Kyrgyzstan, and the Maldives are just a few examples, but we also managed to use an uncommon transportation medium for a skate trip. The Mediterranean Cruise is the perfect example – a handful of rippers boarding on a cruise ship to skate the harbour cities of each stops. NBD?

So if you guys didn't have the chance to check the full videos all through the year, we asked filmmaker Jeremy Hugues to edit this best of clip for you to enjoy, so sit back and get ready to be pumped for 2016!


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