See Mackrodt and Scholz shred India in Rajput Ride

Skating the crumbling cement of Rajasthan.
By Dan Zvereff

Two of skateboarding’s finest ambassadors found themselves on the spot-hunt around the Indian state of Rajasthan during Holi, the Hindu festival of colour.

Michael Mackrodt and Vladik Scholz landsharked it around New Delhi, Jaipur and Jodhpur with an excellent wingman in Dan Zvereff, whose sublime photography documenting their experiences of the trip forms a video feature all of its own right here next week. We asked Dan to set the scene for the unique Patrik Wallner skate edit you are about to enjoy above.

“Skateboarding is an activity that combines athletic endeavour with the urge to explore the cities of the world,” says Zvereff. “In some senses it could be described as an art form that evolved on a world covered in cement; what attracted us to the board all those years ago was that original experience of finding a new place where no trick had ever been done before."

In Rajasthan, in addition to some of the most neglected and dilapidated cement on the planet, the local people were so amused by the act of us riding a board that any attempt at filming a trick resulted in huge crowds of people, which were almost impossible to manage. To top it off almost everyone in our group contracted a virus and fell ill!

Dan Zvereff


So kick back and experience a skate trip unlike any other, in our ongoing quest to take you around the world of skateboarding.

Join us back here next week for a look behind the scenes at Dan Zvereff's photography of the trip.


Vladik Scholz
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