Watch 3 minutes of high-quality rawness from WWCF

Enjoy the radness of the who’s who of skateboarding that makes this Homies WWCF section.
© Lucas Fiederling
By Greg Poissonnier

Even though you have to make choices when it comes to cherry-picking the riders that will have full parts in your video project, skateboarders are still a band of brothers which is probably why every good video has a friends section, right?

Lucas Fiederling's Where We Come From is no exception and makes room for an array of skating's great and good: Louis Taubert, Albert Nyberg, Barney Page, Brian Delatorre, Flo Marfaing, Tom Penny, Erik J Pettersson, Dani Lebron, Marius Syvanen, Sam Partaix, Ross McGouran and Hjalte Halberg to name but a few!

The three minute montage clip above offers nothing less than epic skateboarding from some of the best skateboarders criss-crossing the world today, at least the ones that happened to bump into Fiederling when he was on filming mode. So sit back and enjoy some high quality manoeuvres from a grip of the spiciest shredders out there in the streets today!

Missed all the other raw parts? Enjoy them right here:

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Barney Page
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