Watch 3 minutes of high-quality rawness from WWCF

Enjoy the radness of the who’s who of skateboarding that makes this Homies WWCF section.
By Greg Poissonnier

Even though you have to make choices when it comes to cherry-picking the riders that will have full parts in your video project, skateboarders are still a band of brothers which is probably why every good video has a friends section, right?

Lucas Fiederling's Where We Come From is no exception and makes room for an array of skating's great and good: Louis Taubert, Albert Nyberg, Barney Page, Brian Delatorre, Flo Marfaing, Tom Penny, Erik J Pettersson, Dani Lebron, Marius Syvanen, Sam Partaix, Ross McGouran and Hjalte Halberg to name but a few!

The three minute montage clip above offers nothing less than epic skateboarding from some of the best skateboarders criss-crossing the world today, at least the ones that happened to bump into Fiederling when he was on filming mode. So sit back and enjoy some high quality manoeuvres from a grip of the spiciest shredders out there in the streets today!

Missed all the other raw parts? Enjoy them right here:

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