Expect the unexpected from Addie Fridy

Enjoy this uncommon trick by an unkown ripper.
By Ignacio Pagura

Chances are that you may not yet have heard of Las Vegas native Addie Fridy, but then again, chances are that you have never seen this trick before – and if you have it probably wasn't on a handrail!

Fridy's star is silently rising because he has the style and vision to come out with bangers like this Nollie Shove-it to Front Feeble, which are not so much about the stair count or rail length, but that more about the leftfield originality of the idea and its execution.

We hope to see more from Addie on here soon showcasing that creative vision and touch, which serve to remind us all that skateboarding has many avenues yet to explore.

What the…?!

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