Join Felipe Gustavo and friends skating Israel

Watch more Middle East ripping in the second drop from the Shekel Me Not trip.
By Davy Van Laere

The search for spots through the Holy Land continues with Felipe Gustavo, Korahn Gayle, Rob Maatman, Boaz Aquino and Fries Tailieu duking it out on the lesser-seen terrain of the Levant.

Much hummus and many falafels were consumed, the locals welcomed us with open arms and the diversity of spots they showed us was amazing: good times galore, and I definitely want to go back.

Before heading over there I was a little sceptical, with all those conflicts you hear about on the news – but the media can make people really paranoid about stuff. I really liked the good vibes I experienced over there, and anyway, if all politicians were skateboarders, I guess the world would be a better place!


Missed what happened up till now? Watch here:


Felipe Gustavo
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