First photos from a skate road trip to Jordan

Continuing our skate exploration of the Middle East as we are welcomed into the kingdom of Jordan.
By Ignacio Pagura

Four skaters from three different continents embark on a mission to skate and discover the biblical land of Jordan. Not much urethane has ever rolled on these latitudes and the reactions of the entranced locals reflected as much.

Josef Scott, Manolo Robles, Tyler Surrey and Milton Martínez got stuck in on the surprising spots of the capital Amman and savoured some of the peace-loving Jordanians‘ food, culture and history.

Petra is on the itinerary and so is the Dead Sea: everything seems to be tickety-boo until an encounter with a cave dweller turns the tables and the Curse of Petra almost derails the entire mission!

Sergio Álvarez was the wingman chosen to document this latest ace skate adventure for us and he sent back this photographic dispatch of the whole affair.

Join us this Thursday February 18 to get involved with the first of two episodes chronicling The Curse of Petra.

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Milton Martínez – Frontside Blunt
Milton Martinez, Frontside Blunt, at the opening of the first skatepark in Amman, Jordan
Milton Martínez – Frontside Blunt We were lucky enough to attend the opening of the first skatepark in Jordan. Milton blew minds. © Sergio Álvarez
Manolo Robles – Frontside Noseslide
Manolo Robles nails a Frontside Noseslide in Amman, Jordan
Manolo Robles – Frontside Noseslide Manolo is not really a rail skater, but we found this spot in Jordan and he decided to measure up a frontside noseslide down it. © Sergio Álvarez
Josef Scott – Switch Heelflip
Josef Scott, Switch Heelflip, in Amman, Jordan during the Curse Of Petra skate road trip
Josef Scott – Switch Heelflip The best spot of the trip was to be found in Amman; this switch heelflip was only one of a grip of tricks that Josef hucked over it. © Sergio Álvarez
Josef Scott
Josef Scott at Petra, Jordan
Josef Scott Josef absorbs the energy from Petra to go rip later on. © Sergio Álvarez
Milton Martínez – Flip Crooked
Milton Martinez, Flip Crooked, in Amman, Jordan
Milton Martínez – Flip Crooked Milton skated everything that was in front of him for 10 days and this flip crooked was one of the nails in the coffin. © Sergio Álvarez
Milton Martínez
Milton Martinez with his skateboard in the Dead Sea, Jordan
Milton Martínez Milton was suitably impressed by the Dead Sea. © Sergio Álvarez
Tyler Surrey
Tyler Surrey in one of Amman's ancient Roman ruins
Tyler Surrey Tyler repping SkateMafia in an ancient Roman amphitheatre. © Sergio Álvarez
Josef Scott – Backside 50-50
Josef Scott, Backside 50-50 on a rail in Aqaba, Jordan
Josef Scott – Backside 50-50 When you are in far away country any skateable spot is a spot. We found this tiny rail in Aqaba and Josef decided to get his. © Sergio Álvarez
Milton Martínez – Frontside 180
Milton Martínez, Frontside 180, in Amman Jordan during the Curse Of Petra skate road trip
Milton Martínez – Frontside 180 This hubba was actually torn down by the time we found this spot, so instead Milton threw down a frontside 180 into the little bank. © Sergio Álvarez
Manolo Robles
Spanish skateboarder Manolo Robles at Petra in Jordan
Manolo Robles Manolo is a mystical man and he went through a religious experience in Petra. © Sergio Álvarez