Eniz Fazliov delivers big time once again in WWCF

See the skateboarder’s skateboarder outdo himself once more in indie flick Where We Come From.
By Niall Neeson

Lucas Fiederling's Where We Come From video is full of top riders, but there's probably nobody more exciting than Finland's Eniz Fazliov.

Always a standout in any company, Fazliov is as respected in America as he is in Europe, due to almost continuous touring with his sponsors Volcom and Emerica. Certainly a contender for the most productive skater ever, we caught him between flights to ask where he finds the motivation to keep his tempo so high for so long.

Enjoy his WWCF raw part in the video above, and feel free to lose your afternoon going through all his other online parts to see what we mean about his endless productivity.

Eniz, how many video parts do you think you've filmed in total now, and where do you think this one fits among them?
I'm not sure how many there are in total, but at least 10 of them are online. Maybe 20 altogether if you count the first ones that I made with friends when I started skating back at the beginning of 2000. This was definitely the longest project I've ever done, but at the same time I did get to travel the most while making this one, too.

What's the difference in approach to making a proper independent video from making a brand video?
I really can't say, because I've never been in any bigger brand videos except my Emerica European Skater of the Year part, but I filmed that in a few trips, so it didn't really feel like a big project. It came pretty easy. Where We Come From felt like a big-brand video to make, even though it's an independent.

What makes your part distinct, would you say?
I don't know, but in my part there's some stuff from Finland. I don't think the other guys have so much from 'where they come from'.

Best part?
Axel Cruysberghs because he came to the project towards the endbut still had a sick part. He's a machine.

Do you have a favourite story from the road during this whole adventure?
Not really a single story, but definitely a lot of great memories. I met a bunch of awesome people while travelling.

If Lucas wanted to do this again, would you be up for it?
I'm getting too old for this!

Missed all the other parts? Enjoy watching them here:

Join us back here on March 11 for a full overview of Where We Come From, including the book of the project.

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