Discover the hidden world of skating in Jordan

Join Milton Martinez, Tyler Surrey, Manolo Robles and Josef Scott on a skateboard trip to Jordan.
By Tyler Surrey

In reality it’s a small world we live in. Sometimes though, you have to go a little further than just down the street or to the next city to find certain things in life. So this time, the journey led me to Jordan in the Middle East, accompanied Josef ‘Speed Demon’ Scott, Manolo Robles, Milton Martinez, filmer Edu ‘Eddy D’ Munoz and photographer Sergio ‘Asturnaut’ Alvarez for the mission.

There are a lot of places in the world to travel, and when you think of a destination for skateboarding, your first thought would probably lie somewhere around Europe, not the Middle East. With the ever expanding desire to find new places and new skate spots though, we took the road less traveled.

Coming from the United States, the Middle East is portrayed through the media as a turbulent hotspot, surrounded by nothing but unease and war. And whereas this is somewhat accurate, we just so happened to be in Jordan, the calm in the middle of the storm. Being there, you would think the reverse of the regional image was true. The people were very friendly, welcoming and generally interested in what we were doing.

Jordan does not have a very big skate scene. In fact, the few guys we met staying there were from elsewhere. There was a big group out there building Jordan’s very first skate park. Props to them, the unsung heroes.

After two days spent searching for terrain with almost no luck, we got hold of some locals, who were kind enough to show us around. They took us to a school one night with marble ground and a perfect eight-stair. When we got there it was pitch black, but the locals simply flipped a light switch in the hallway and we had the spot perfectly lit up. Security came and once the locals explained what we were doing, they gave us a good 30 minutes to skate. In the end, they were really friendly and stoked on watching us skate. It’s not like the West, where everyone is so jaded by skateboarding that all they think is that we ruin property. These guys took an interest and sat there enthusiastically watching us huck down the stairs.

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