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By Niall Neeson

So this, then, is our digest of the biggest independent European skate video of recent times.

German filmmaker Lucas Fiederling’s highly ambitious labour of love took a great many years, slams, miles away from home and total commitment from him and everyone else involved, so let us list them here: Phil ZwijsenAxel Cruysberghs, Niklas Speer von Cappeln, Willow, Marty Murawski, Samu Karvonen, Chris Pfanner and Eniz Fazliov.

Enjoy each part in raw form, section-by-section, below!

Axel Cruysberghs – pure raw radness

He looks like Dr Jekyll but rides like Mr Hyde. That's one way to describe the Belgian destroyer Axel Cruysberghs. It's easy to forget that homeboy here is only 21. He's been on a tear for so long that he can sometimes be perceived as a seasoned veteran.

Watch his full video part beneath and click here to read his interview.

Niklas Speer von Cappeln – noblesse obliges

After being close friends with WWCF mastermind Lucas Fiederling for years, von Cappeln was on top of the skaters list for this video.

Read what Niklas had to say about the project in his interview.

Marty Murawski – America sends help

Murawski’s game is all about finesse and board control, making the magic happen even on the crustier spots.

He talked to us about being 'low impact' on the release of his part here.

Willow – the German hammer king

When Lucas Fiederling called Willow – already hungover from tour van life – to ask if he was down to film for another independent video, he instantly said yes, even though Luc himself didn't know how it would unfold.

Germany's premium export told us what was what back in January.

Samu Karvonen can’t stop

Samu Karvonen is an interesting character. He emerged out of that ever so tight-knit Finnish skate scene a little bit later than Pirkka Pollari, Eniz Fazliov and Simo Makela, but when he did it was very much under his own terms.

Finland's man for all seasons talked victorious moments and broken cameras here.

Chris Pfanner – the Austrian powerhouse went high and fast in 2015

Be it for his long-time shoe sponsor in the most-hyped video of the year, or for an indie project, Chris still goes all-out, come what may.

Austria's bossman talks shaky makes and Propeller here.

Eniz Fazliov delivers big time

Certainly a contender for the most productive skater ever, we caught him between flights to ask where he finds the motivation to keep his tempo so high for so long.

Read about his life on video right here!

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