Watch the definitive CPH Open 2016 skate edit here

If you’re going to do it, do it right. Let filmer David Chvatal bring the Copenhagen action to you.
By Niall Neeson

The CPH Open contest has become the Münster Mastership of its generation. After a brief flirtation with trying to make the format pro-only for a number of years, reason prevailed and it returned to being the free-for-all format which best suited the rag-tag ensemble that turned up.
Back in 2006, when the first CPH event was held, the field of entrants were mostly Brazilians and Europeans, with a load of then-sponsor DVS riders in tow, and the vert ramp held one of the wildest contests ever seen prior to Vert Attack.

Now, sadly, the vert ramp is gone, but the event itself has escaped the skatepark and also takes place at a series of locations dotted around the city.

Simon Weyhe, who some of you may remember as the Danish workhorse behind Alis Skateboards, remains at the helm of a weekend that set a new benchmark in terms of what can be achieved when organisers work with city officials to promote skating culture and tourism for the betterment of both.

Alongside the neighbouring Swedish city of Malmö, Copenhagen has become a symbol of what the future of city skating might look like. It'd be great to see other European locations take notice of what's possible.

In our support of live events which keep skateboarding communities connected, we asked Czech video maestro David Chvatal to fly out to Copenhagen and capture every single day of the contest from first ollie to final bro-down. The extended edit he produced represents what we feel to be the kind of coverage these happenings deserve – watch it in the above video player.

To Simon Weyhe and his team, we thank you again.


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