The quest is over – watch the Blu Enigma sessions!

Five skaters in search of a rumoured skate compound on a Greek island come back with heavy evidence.
By Niall Neeson

Skateboarding is a tool to allow you to make the world around you more interesting.

Our friends in the Greek skate scene have done a lot of good things over the years and when we asked for help in reaching the skating Eldorado which is the Blu Enigma, they helped make it happen.

Our thanks to Lover Skateboards for their connections and suggestions and we look forward to seeing that promo when it drops.

Certainly, it can be great to roll on terrain that has already become part of skateboarding lore, but in my experience nothing beats the tummy tickles that arrive when you clock eyes for the first time on a skate spot that you had no idea about.

I’ve been lucky to experience that a few times down the years, but the Blu Enigma must be right up there in terms of those ‘WOW’ moments.

Just ask Keith Walsh who came all the way from Ireland, Alex Hallford from England, or Portugal’s Jorge Simões, who was joining as winner of Red Bull Skate Arcade 2015.

They met up with Californian concrete destroyer Brad McClain and the one and only Chris Haslam in Athens, before hopping ferries from the port of Rafina through the Cycladean islands of Tinos and Paros, and finding the Blu Enigma high above Andros.

As well as the bowl in the Blu Enigma, owner Nikos has also built an epic DIY skatepark on the summit of the mountain. So, yeah – beat that!

Andros is served directly by ferry from Athens, and Nikos the owner asks us to extend an invitation to all of you to go and visit his secret island paradise.

You can find their website here, and tell them who sent you to qualify for a free punch on the nose upon arrival.

Thanks to Daniel Galli for his hard work and to Andy Evans for his editing wizardry.

Watch the first part of our Greek island escapades here:


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