Get lifted by LRG’s 1947 on Red Bull TV

Check out Asta, Ribeiro, Sandoval, Curtin, Gustavo, Silvas, Teixeira, McClung and Brenes in full.
By Niall Neeson

The Lifted Research Group, purveyor of the finest garments in the game, have created big waves with the release of their second full-length skate flick 1947.

The beauty of a clothing team is that they can cherry-pick the smooth operators from across the regimented board companies and footwear teams, who usually stack their ranks with skaters who fit a single style of skating. LRG, on the other hand, have assembled a super squad from the entire international skate scene, and 1947 is a polished platform for their collective output.

Red Bull TV has linked up with the team to exclusively bring you the full film for your viewing pleasure. The benchmark film of recent years when it comes to style in skateboarding, 1947 features Tommy SandovalTom Asta, Rodrigo TX, Miles Silvas, Chico Brenes, Felipe Gustavo, Jackson Curtin and Trent McClung.

Get a taste of what to expect above, and click here to watch the full joint in pin-sharp resolution on Red Bull TV.


Felipe Gustavo
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