This is how Max Kruglov holds it down

Russian skateboarding has been making big strides lately and Max is part of the reason for that.
By Niall Neeson

For a generation now, Russia has been sending good skate vibes out into the world. Notably Vlad Esaulkov and Sasha Tushev in the first wave, and then with the advent of the (comparatively) nearby Simple Session contest in Estonia, more and more names began to pop up and pop out. Gosha Konyshev, Egor Kaldikov… and now it seems a cavalcade awaits.

After first coming to wider attention via a superb Marcel Veldman photo in the first Fluff book, Maxim's reputation continued to grow beyond the Russian scene as he began to travel as far as skating will take him.

He was also the skater who turned many heads in practice at Tampa Pro 2016, which was traditionally what Brazilians did when their shot arrived to compete with the best for the last decade or so. Doing well at Tampa was a highway to getting noticed in a hurry.

With all things Latin American enjoying a well-deserved moment in the skateboarding sun right now, could Max be the Russian skater who blows up internationally and opens those floodgates for the burgeoning scenes there? On this evidence and his recent output, he's certainly part of the bridgehead that will!


Maxim Kruglov
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