Bringing you Kris Vile’s mind-blowing new video

Watch England’s renaissance man set the skate agenda from Birmingham to Puerto Rico.
By Niall Neeson

Kris Vile, it's fair to say, is one of the best skateboarders ever to come out of the UK. Like Ross McGouran and Chris Oliver, he's made his way in the skateboarding world on his own terms.

A product of the vibrant, hard-working Birmingham skate scene so capably served by Ideal Skateshop, where Vile was known to lurk a good section of his youth, he's remarkably as good on ramps as he obviously is on street, which is rare indeed.

He's used his talent to travel and rip, and we're delighted to have the opportunity to share this interview and full video part from the man himself.

How long have you been skating for now, Kris? Who do you get bits off these days?
I've been skating for 16 years, and fortunately been sponsored for 14 of those. I'm currently representing my oldest sponsor Vans shoes, as well as Almost Skateboards, Skate Pharmacy, Melon Optics, Theeve trucks and Get Lesta.

We talked a bit in the past about how important the skateshop Ideal has been for generations of skatersaround Birmingham. What has that place meant to you, personally?
The impact that Ideal skateshop, and the people that work there, had is massive. Not all cities are lucky enough to have a skate shop, but Birmingham has been blessed to have one such as Ideal.

They helped me – Bob Sanderson, especially – to secure my first sponsor in local board company and manufacturer A Third Foot. They also put me forward for a spot on the junior UK Vans team, and helped me to get the exposure that led to skating being my career for the past 10 years.

To this day, they continue to give that support to the next generation, and are the reason that the Birmingham skatescene is flourishing again.

Get Lesta has been the big news in independent UK video production lately, what do you make of that new focus?
It just shows that hard work pays off! Callun Loomes has, and continues to bring, a massive variety of skaters together from all over the country, and then channel their skating energy into making mostly Midlands-based skate vids. We've been making them for a few years now, this being the third project I've been involved in.

At this point in time, Callun is receiving a massive amount of recognition for the work put in, which has led to collabs with Primitive Skateboards, Footprint Innersoles, and so on. We've just released the newest instalment, so go grab yourself a copy of GET 420 and check it out!

The other great skate institution of Birmingham, as you mentioned, are the board manufacturers A Third Foot. Can you explain just how rad what they are doing is?
A Third Foot was my first sponsor 14 years ago, and they continue to bring up the up-and-coming skaters from around the Midlands. ATF is run by two guys who manufacture, design and market the company and the skateboards themselves, as well as bringing in independent artists and friends along the way.

They don't just make their own brand boards, they also manufacture boards for other companies in the UK, and for shops that stock their boards, too. They're still currently the only company that manufactures boards in the country. Those guys have put their heart and soul into that company, and I feel lucky to have been a part of their journey.

Pink longsleeves: do we dare?
(Laughs) I was never really a pink t-shirt or longsleeve kind of guy – if I'm honest, I never thought about owning one. Now I own three and wear them all the time, thanks to Get Lesta. I think every male skateboarder should have one on standby.

Anything you want to say as last words?
I'd like to say thanks to all of my sponsors for the continuing support, all my family, friends and everyone that's made my life any little bit brighter over the years: much love to you all.


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