See where it all started for Zion Wright

Our new series Let’s Get It Wright sees skating’s new sensation bring it all back home to Florida.
By Theo Lewitt

It takes a lot to really come up in skating today. The standard is so high, and skating is so international these days, that it's not enough just to be amazing anymore.

Despite all that, Zion Wright is making moves and turning heads left and right and when Ishod Wair is backing you, you're doing something as it should be done.

Let’s Get It Wright sees us riding shotgun with 17-year-old Wright, who at the moment is experiencing every skateboarder's dream of seeing their hopes for themselves realised.

And not just his hopes. His story to this point all started at home in Jupiter Beach, Florida, with his vibrant and supportive family.

In this episode, Zion takes us back to his roots to hang with his lovely family and hit some childhood skate spots before getting involved with a proper neighbourhood cookout at Grandma’s house and hearing the stories of his youth from his elders.

A must-see for any skater who wants proof that you can still go all the way in skating even in this heavy day and age.

Our next episodes will follow Wright's career route from Tampa to California. Let's get it!

Zion Wright
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