Ride around Bangkok with the all-new Skate Of Mind

Taking you street-level in the Thai capital with Max Habanec and guest Alex Mizurov.
By Maxim Habanec

The Skate Of Mind crew have always liked how the city of Bangkok tempts. It's very different than other places we've visited before. The hectic atmosphere, crazy urban structure and weather conditions make Bangkok really hard to skate. On the other hand, the images have a specific vibe. Some of the spots are really nice and easy to skate, but you'll also find lots of raw and unique spots to ride.

I hit up Alex Mizurov to join the ride because I knew he'd been to Thailand before, and has some good connections out there. Plus, he's my good friend and an amazing skateboarder. The fact I like the most is that he skates really different to me – I'm always down to skate big stuff, but Alex loves ledges and manual pads.

The hardest part for us was the dealing with the heat, which was insane – anyone who's been to Bangkok must know what I am talking about. We were glad to get in touch with the locals from Preduce Skateboards, who showed us many spots, as did Florian Hopfensperger, who lives there with his wife.

We spent 12 days in Bangkok without any days off, and  I was really stoked on the spots because they were very different from those in Taiwan.

The whole trip was really exhausting, one of the hardest I've ever done, not only skate-wise but in terms of planning, travelling and so on. It got pretty complicated!

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Maxim Habanec
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