Watch Skate Of Mind from Chiang Mai, Thailand!

Maxim Habanec and Alex Mizurov enjoy stunts, slams and soakings, skating through the Thai New Year!
By Maxim Habanec

We left Bangkok before the Thai New Year in early April and flew to Chiang Mai, which is a small city situated in the mountains. The heat was still insane, but thanks to holidays we were able to skate the huge Chiang Mai University complex.

What we discovered were countless spots with perfect ground, and some welcome shelter from the sun. The whole campus was empty!

It was just insane; we felt almost scared because it seemed like a ghost town.

Alex Mizurov and I travelled around the whole area on bikes searching for spots, and in so doing experienced some of Songkran, the Thai New Year celebration, which was an amazing experience.

Songkran consists largely of free-for-all water fights and endless parties, so we allowed ourselves a day off.

Enjoy this episode, and see you next time in Moscow!


Maxim Habanec
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