Zion Wright and Jamie Foy get to work in LA

Grinding out footage in Los Angeles ain’t easy, you always need to be ready to hustle for hammers.
By Theo Lewitt

In this concluding episode of Let's Get It Wright, we follow Zion from Tampa to his new home in Los Angeles, where he and friend Jamie Foy are on that filming grind as they try to make some noise under the skate-industry spotlight.

Both Floridians have come up under the auspices of the close- knit Tampa skater production line and 2016 has been the year they both began to make a serious impact on the wider skateboarding world.

Juxtaposing one's grace with the other's raw power, they make a serious one-two punch when it comes to modern street skating, and we are confident that the world is only at the beginning of knowing about the radness they bring.

From front porches to Hollywood High, Zion's is a skateboarding story for the ages. Let's get it!

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