As Athens steps up, meet Manos Kyriakousis

This is what happens when you grow up skateboarding the streets of Greece.
By Niall Neeson

The perennial challenge of smaller European skate scenes is that the golden years of touring meant that many have more famous spots than skaters. The Greek scene in general, and Athens in particular, have made strides in recent years to correct that.

Photographic workhorse Damian Argi put in a shift promoting Athenian domestic talent in the last decade, and the excellent ATH documentary brought that legacy forward. Old hands like Billy Griparis and Vaisillis Aramvoglou have passed the torch to a new generation brought up on the spots we're familiar with, but whose names, so far, we are not.

With a view to helping change that, here's one of two promising street-rat prospects from the cradle of civilisation, Manos Kyriakousis.

Aged 20 and already with eight years logged skating around Athens, he was raised looking up to local legends like Ron 'Mike' Vasilakis. Kyriakousis quickly got hooked up by the stylish Color Skates shop in town and represents the S.O.S. crew every day he rolls. Look out for him in their upcoming release Spoonful, but meantime this is his #CurtainCall.

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