Savour the Greek sizzle as we skate Crete

All-new Greek island skateboard capers with Chris Haslam, Max Kruglov, Sierra Fellers and friends.
By Alexey Lapin

Crete is definitely a skateboarding pearl of the Mediterranean: dry and sunny climate, impressive scenery, incredible local cuisine, skateboarding-friendly locals and, most importantly, an infinite quantity of spots of all types. Basically, the whole island was a skateboarder's playground for us on this trip.

There are spots everywhere on Crete, and a huge variety of them, from gigantic handrails and big hubbas to spacious plazas and small funny spots, like pole jams, wallrides, bumps and curbs.

Our crew was perfectly balanced for any spots along the way. We had the always-down-for-skating-big-stuff Russian, Max Kruglov, American Sierra Fellers, tech wizard and manual pad ruler Dima Rodionov from Saint Petersburg. and all-round rippers Giorgio Zavos from Greece and Yura Renov from Moscow. Finally, we had team captain and Canada's living skateboard legend Chris Haslam. We were seriously prepared to slay any skateable obstacles in front of us.

Here, then, is the first chapter of our two-parter on skateboarding the wonderful island of Crete, which we dubbed Gyros for Heroes, the brainchild of our gifted Russian filmmaker Pasha Kryukov.

See you back here this time next week for another dip with Max Kruglov and his friends from this blessed land of a thousand spots!


Maxim Kruglov
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