Everyone wants a piece of Nick Boserio

Skating the unskateable is what makes this Australian ripper stand out – observe!
By Niall Neeson

Nick Boserio hails from Perth, Australia – one of the most remote cities in the world – so he's no stranger to getting off the beaten path or skating whatever that path may bring at him.

He spent a few years riding for some big teams before settling on Pontus Alv’s super Polar imprint. Then he jumped in our van for a skate trip and barged through the Maldives and Sri Lanka.

From the crowded DIY bowls of Malé to the wartorn streets of Jaffna, nowhere was safe in Nick’s path of demolition, and his eye for non-spots was invaluable in such unlikely terrain.

Enjoy this Curtain Call from one of the most exciting skaters in the world today.


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