We skated Colombia from Medellin to Cali – watch!

Tyler Surrey, Zack Wallin, Thaynan Costa and Angelo Caro roll deep with the locals in coffee land.
By Ignacio Pagura

If there was ever a more vibrant society than Colombia then the world is yet to know about it: the heartbeat of Latin America is home to two of her most beautiful and occasionally notorious cities separated by a journey through coffee country.

Colombia has of course given the world of skateboarding Flip Skateboards pro David Gonzalez and John Bejarano, and although you may not know the name you also know the nollie pop and flick of Camilo Henao who we rolled with in Medellin, for it is he who broke Instagram with a nollie flip over that one pole. Yeah, that's the one.

Joining from Peru was Angelo Caro, who first featured here when he narrowly missed out on winning Red Bull Skate Arcade in Lisbon back in 2015. Angelo has been grafting steadily since then and was more than ready to step up when the call came through that we were once again hitting the road less travelled in search of new life in skateboarding around the world.

Thaynan Costa is always an invaluable road warrior with his spontaneous trick bag and experience of streetlife around the world; Zack Wallin his Enjoi team-mate jumped at the chance and Tyler Surrey had proven his worth in Jordan so we knew that we were projecting a lot of sunshine from the get-go.

As you give out, so you get back – especially in skating; and so it would prove to be as the squad drifted from city to city through the green and intoxicating country. Skating with the local scenes in both Medellin and Cali deepened and created friendships which all build the global family of skateboard culture, and we thank them for their hospitality.

Watch part one of No Sleep Till Cali above, and click here for an equally banging second leg of this unprecedented skate trip through the enchanting country which is Colombia.


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