Just the hammers from Max Habanec’s Skate Of Mind!

Season 2 took Maxim and friends from Taiwan to Russia and Thailand – next season’s should go off!
By Maxim Habanec

Skate Of Mind has allowed us to kick it with the skate scenes of some of the world’s most banging places – Bilbao, Dubai, Prague, Vienna, Bratislava, Warsaw and Split during Season 1, and through Taiwan, Thailand and Russia in Season 2 which you can see the highlights of with just a click above. Maxim Habanec's plan for the next – and probably final – season, is to undertake a world tour.

We intend to cross the whole globe in 50 days of skating, hitting the best skate spots and filming locations along the way. So far, we know that we will visit London, Mumbai, Hong Kong, Tokyo, San Francisco, New York, Innsbruck and more.

During this last journey we will use a lot of different modes of transport – boats, trains, motorbikes and so on. We also hope to ride the most diverse terrains we can – islands, mountains, deserts and the biggest cities in the world.

As ever, we will be joined on each leg by a guest skater, and the locals we hook up with along the way. If you would like us to come by, hit us up via the usual channels and let’s see if we can make it happen!

Skate Of Mind 3 will aim to capture all the skateboarding and stories surrounding our pursuit of this dream.

Thanks to all my friends who have helped during the previous two years of road radness: Martin Štembera, Natálie Majvaldová, Lukáš Wagneter, Kubo Križo, Tomáš Dostál, Bibiana Navrátilová, Anežka Syrovátková, Jessie Chiang, Jan Lankaš, Tomáš Velický, Max Kruglov, Alex Mizurov, Jirka Hronek, Kyle Ke, Pavel Starka, Radim Stezka, František Sládek, NobodyListen, Pedro Dylon and all the Red Bull family everywhere.


Maxim Habanec
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