Markus Blessing’s train keeps on running!

Germany’s new wave is firing on all cylinders, as this lines-and-hammers clip shows.
By Niall Neeson

Markus Blessing has quickly made a name for himself outside of his native Germany.

Possessor of the most insane kickflip back noseblunt and prodigiously productive, he has come to the attention of the footwear behemoths and started along that journey at least into domestic stardom that the German skate scene is large enough to sustain.

It is well deserved: to be so productive at such a high level of street skating represents another quantum leap in one direction in which skating is certainly going.

Here is a half-minute of head-shakers from the man who returned to his hometown of Ulm with his name well and truly stamped on the map. We are interested to see where his talent goes from here!


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