Get familiar with Russian beast Gosha Konyshev!

Moscow’s bolt-thrower has helped put skating there on a new level.
By Niall Neeson

The story of Russia’s emergence on the international skate scene is an interesting one. With Moscow the basis of a million patronising culture clash tour articles, it was only in the last decade that Russian skate talent began to make itself known on its own merits worldwide. Of that first wave, there were outright gnarlers like Vlad Esaulkov, and outright stylers like Sasha Tushev.

And then there was Gosha Konyshev, who might have been the first to have it all: power, style, courage and creativity all rolled into one. His has been a slower burn but all the more impressive for it, with his part for Absurd Skateboards’ Effect Of Growing Fury video turning heads all around the world and demonstrating to the world that Russian skateboarding culture was alive, vibrant and having it.

That willingness to get it done has seen Gosha join several of our fabled skate trips where his spontaneity and ability to bust out has garnered him many fans. By way of illustration, here is a sampler of his total capability in the form of his Curtain Call.
Go get ‘em, Gosha.


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