Watch Nyjah Huston return to dominate Hart Lines

Full replay: Majerus, Hoefler, Decenzo and Webb all superb, but Huston appears unassailable.
By Niall Neeson

A rain break and a switched-up course format did little to wrong-foot Nyjah Huston’s campaign of radness in the pro-skateboarding contest circuit as it touched down in Hart Plaza, Detroit this weekend.

Hop on over to the run-analyzer at Red Bull TV to get all the highlights from Red Bull Hart Lines!

With the cumulative scores from both lines down into the packed amphitheatre – the first, slightly mellower on the speed front and allowing for some quick-footed flippery, the second being strictly high octane hammers – deciding the overall winner, the contest was open to the greatest spread of styles yet.

What is instructive to see at the business end of contests like this, is that when the last runs are critical, the fooling stops and, as in chess, the opportunity to pull a series of unnoticed moves out of the armoury can leapfrog the canny skater up the rankings with no time left for a counter-punch.

And so it was here today in Detroit, where Huston set down an early marker with a run ending in a flip to front board which should really have snapped his deck.

Chase Webb continued to impress with his energy and first-go commitment, Alec Majerus is nothing short of a phenomenon, Ryan Decenzo’s penultimate run was banging from top to bottom and Kelvin Hoefler did that quintessentially Brazilian thing of pulling a final run out of who knows where.

Hop on over to the run-analyzer at Red Bull TV to get all the highlights from Red Bull Hart Lines!

A special mention should also go to Tommy Fynn, who pulled a kickflip backside nosebluntslide on the last rail in a contest – which is a sign of the times in itself – but to be sure, in professional contest skating today, Nyjah Huston is running things. In terms of proficiency and consistency, he is proving the man to beat time and again, and that combination of merits crowned him the first back-to-back Red Bull Hart Lines winner today in Detroit. Watch the entire event on live replay up above, and big love to he skaters of Michigan who came out to give it up!

See you next year!!

Red Bull Hart Lines 2017 Final Results:

1) Nyjah Huston
2) Alec Majerus
3) Kelvin Hoefler
4) Ryan Decenzo
5) Chase Webb
6) Ryan Sheckler
7) Tommy Fynn
8) Felipe Gustavo
9) Axel Cruysberghs
10) Paul Hart


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