Get the history of Marseille’s bowl on Red Bull TV

John Cardiel, Tony Hawk, Omar Hassan and Tony Alva all feature in the show about the iconic park.
By Niall Neeson

Back To The Bowl: A Marseille Skate Legend is the story of the iconic and notorious Prado Bowl in the French Mediterranean port city, where skateboarding legends have been created and enshrined for the past quarter of a century. This is the full tale, told by the people who made it.

Christian Hosoi takes us through the golden years of skateboarding to explain how the city’s skatepark became a fixed star in skateboarding’s universe. The show frames Marseille’s significance within the annals of concrete skateboarding culture globally by refracting its light through the prism of bowlriding’s long and twisted history.

Exhaustively researched and lavishly produced, Back To The Bowl: A Marseille Skate Legend features interviews with global legends like John Cardiel, Tony Hawk, Omar Hassan and Tony Alva, who talk about the lines and lore which connected Marseille to the bowlriding culture of California.

The film features rare archive footage and superb sections on the era-defining Bowlrider contests from the turn of the millennium. There are also interviews with the locals who made the Prado project happen and shepherd it to this day. From architect and skater Jean-Pierre Collinet to long-standing scene heads like Laurent ‘Momo’ Molinier and Mehdi Salah, and right up to present-day regulators raised on those concrete curves such as our own Vincent Matheron.

With her face turned toward the future in the form of a new surface and our annual Red Bull Bowl Rippers taking up the Marseille contest mantle, the Prado bowl is set for another 25 years of skateboarding progress. So what are you waiting for? Click here to watch the show now!


Watch the full story of how a skateboarding legend was created, and get sparked for Red Bull Bowl Rippers this summer!


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