Travis Rice

Embrace the mountain on its own terms!

Travis Rice performs during the making of the movie The Fourth Phase, March 20 2014.
© Scott Serfas/Red Bull Content Pool

Hi, my name is Travis Rice. My discipline is snowboarding freestyle . My friends call me Trice. I was born on 9 October 1982 in Wyoming, USA. My special talent is big mountain/freestyle. My philosophy of life is you only get one chance, don't waste it. My favourite food is either sushi or ice-cream, it really depends on my mood. My favourite music is Finnish techno.


Born in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, and son to a ski patroller, Travis Rice has the snow in his blood. He is hailed by critics as the best all-round snowboarder in the world and is one of the most globally renowned riders to date. With over 12 years of elite competition experience and over 30 grand slam titles in his possession, ‘Trice’ is a legend of the slopes.

But unlike most pro snowboarders who started competing from an early age, Travis didn't enter his first major competition until he was 18. In 2001, the young outsider entered Snowboarder magazine’s event, Superpark, attempting something that others wouldn’t dare – a handful of backside rodeos over a 100-foot-plus kicker. He left a star.

Travis’ career skyrocketed as he not only won a place to compete in the Winter X Games that following season but he also landed a life-changing part in the snowboarding film, Transcendence. In 2005 together with Curt Morgan, he co-founded Brain Farm Digital Cinema, which has some of the highest-selling snowboarding films in history, such as That’s It, That’s All in 2008 and The Art of Flight in 2011.

In 2012, Travis founded his own event, Red Bull Supernatural. The competition combines freeriding in natural terrain with freestyle tricks to create an event that favours the all-round rider. Jumps are created in the summer so that they become part of the mountain when the snow falls in the winter. The event was a huge success in 2012, and returned as the renamed Red Bull Ultra Natural in 2013.

Red Bull Ultra Natural is due to reconvene in the near future. In the meantime, Red Bull will work with Travis to scout new backcountry zones and ensure the event comes back bigger, better and badder than ever!

Travis is also busy filming his much-anticipated follow-up to The Art of Flight, with the new multi-year movie The Fourth Phase shot in 4K ultra high-definition released in the autumn of 2016. 

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Career Highlights

  1. 2012
    1. 1st Place: Red Bull Supernatural

      Nelson, British Columbia

  2. 2012
    1. Founded Red Bull Supernatural

      Later renamed Red Bull Ultra Natural

      Nelson, British Columbia

  3. 2011
    1. Video Part: The Art of Flight

      The Art of Flight was the highest grossing snowboarding film of all time.

  4. 2009
    1. 1st Place: Winter X Games – Big Air

      Colorado, USA

  5. 2007
    1. 1st Place: US Open – Slopestyle

      Vermont, USA

    2. Two-time Icer Air Champion – Big Air

      (2006 & 2007)

      California, USA

  6. 2005
    1. 3rd Place: Winter X Games – Slopestyle

      Colorado, USA

  7. 2002
    1. 1st Place: Winter X Games – Slopestyle

      Colorado, USA