Launchin' Levi

Levi LaVallee

The American snowmobile racer with unlimited levels of fearlessness

Levi LaVallee flies in his snowmobile
© Joe Wiegele / Red Bull Content Pool

Hi, my name is Levi LaVallee. My discipline is snowmobile freestyle and snowmobile race. My friends call me Launchin' Levi. I was born on 31 August 1982 in Longville, Minnesota, USA. My special talent is flipping a four-wheeler. My favourite food is tacos.


Levi LaVallee first tasted podium success in 2004 when he won the HillCross snowmobile event at the Winter X Games, in Aspen, Colorado. The Minneapolis resident later made the switch to Freestyle competition, nailing this event and cementing his place as a legend on the snow.

Standing on top of the podium at the 2008 Winter X Games again in Aspen was a symbol of personal excellence and professional evolution for Levi, who had lost a year due to a blowout knee injury on the pro tour. He took gold in both the Speed & Style and Freestyle events and was later named Best Male Athlete of the entire competition.

Levie made history when he became the first person to attempt a double backflip on a snowmobile at the Winter X Games 2009. After soaring more than 15m into the air, he went long on the landing and was thrown from his sled upon impact. The attempt was so tantalisingly close to succeeding that many people considered it a great achievement.

He’s notched up a tonne of X Games medals so far (many of them gold) and, in 2011, took the torch from Travis Pastrana, Robbie Maddison and Rhys Millen for one of his greatest feats – Red Bull New Year No Limits. The man with unlimited levels fearlessness jumped across the San Diego Bay, setting a new world record of 412ft (125m).

Year after Levi keeps astonishing with his power to collect shiny medals. He may have retired from snocross in 2014, but he keeps competing at the X Games and managing a snocross team. Levi can also be seen shredding the urban environment – most recently in his home city of Saint Paul, Minnesota, where flew out of a truck and hit the icy city streets before taking on a series of obstacles while performing his trademark stunts. This guy amazes at every opportunity.

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Career Highlights

  1. 2015
    1. 3rd Place: Winter X Games – Snowmobile Freestyle

      Aspen, Colorado, USA

  2. 2014
    1. 1st Place: Winter X Games – Snowmobile Long Jump

      Aspen, Colorado, USA

  3. 2013
    1. 1st Place: Winter X Games – Snowmobile Speed and Style

      With another 1st Place in Snowmobile Freestyle

      Aspen, Colorado, USA

  4. 2011
    1. Red Bull: New Year No Limits – Longest Jump

      Unofficial world record at 412ft [125.6m]

      San Diego, USA

  5. 2010
    1. 1st Place: Winter X Games – Snowmobile Knock Out

      Aspen, Colorado, USA

  6. 2009
    1. First-ever attempt to double backflip a snowmobile

      Aspen, Colorado, USA

  7. 2008
    1. 1st Place: Winter X Games – Snowmobile Freestyle

      Aspen, Colorado, USA

    2. 1st Place: Winter X Games – Snowmobile Speed and Style

      Aspen, Colorado, USA