Fanny Smith

Skiing is my thing!

Fanny Smith during the 2012 FIS Ski Cross World Cup in Aare.
© Matthias Hauer/GEPA

Hi, my name is Fanny Smith. My discipline is ski cross. I was born on 20 May 1992 in Aigle, Switzerland.


Fanny Smith adds one victory to another as if it were the most natural thing in the world. The Swiss ski-cross champion isn't prone to indecision, and for good reason: "I come from a family where you go for what you have decided to go for, no compromise", Smith says. Her mum is British, her dad American, and Fanny is the middle child of three siblings. She still lives in the town where she spent her childhood, Villars-sur-Ollon.

At 14 years old, Fanny made up her mind that ski cross was a hell of a lot more fun than alpine skiing. When her father asked her if she wanted to be at the Olympic Games in 2010, she didn't miss a beat. "Sure!".

At 16, the Swiss skier left school in pursue a career as a professional athlete. With the support of her parents, Fanny turned out to possess both talent and ambition, without any compromise. And together with her coach, snowboard cross world champion Guillaume Nantermod, the "dream team" pursued a pro career.

At 17, Fanny went to Vancouver and attained an Olympic diploma for her sixth place. And after coming back from a long break due to a cruciate ligament rupture, she's not held back. For the world championships in Norway 2013, her coach had hoped for a positioning among the top 10. Fanny generously ignored the zero and came in first. She's since added World Championship titles to her string of accolades, and isn't slowing down any time soon.

Fanny is as humble as she is self-confident. Maybe it's this combination that makes Fanny Smith who she is – an awesome athlete who never, not even for a split second, has stopped having fun doing what she does best.

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Career Highlights

  1. 2017
    1. 3rd Place: FIS Freestyle Skiing World Cup Skicross

      Blue Mountain, Canada

  2. 2017
    1. 3rd Place: World Cup Women’s Ski Cross

      Idre Fjäll, Sweden

    2. 2nd Place: FIS Freestyle Skicross

      Feldberg, Germany

    3. 2nd Place: FIS World Cup - Ski Cross

      Watles. Italy

  3. 2016
    1. 2nd Place: FIS World Cup - Ski Cross

      Val Thorens, France

  4. 2015
    1. 1st Place: FIS World Cup - Ski Cross

      Smith's 11th World Cup victory

      Tegernsee, Germany

    2. 3rd Place: FIS World Ski Championships - Ski Cross

      Kreischberg, Austria

  5. 2014
    1. 3rd Place: FIS Ski Cross World Cup

      Nakiska, Canada