CHAMäLEON - The Colors of Snowboarding: Teaser

Swiss snowboard phenom Markus Keller stars in his own movie due for release in Autumn 2013.
By Tom Howell

CHAMäLEON – Markus Keller is snowboarding!

He has won International events and been crowned World Champion. He has appeared on the cover of every major snowboarding publication and he may have had more covers than any other rider. He has had film parts in some of the most respected films in the last decade. He is known and respected by pro’s and the industry worldwide. His feeling for transitions is legendary as is the style he brings into his riding. He is Markus 'Mä' Keller and he is snowboarding!

Most likely one of the only true all-rounders left on the planet, Keller decided to join forces with Red Bull Media House, Nitro and Volcom to produce his first own movie project named CHAMäLEON. Inspired by the animal of the same name 'chameleon', Markus is currently traveling the world visiting some of the world's highest rated snowboarders infamous as true specialists in their discipline of the sport. Markus himself is changing colors and adapting to his surroundings just as a chameleon does no matter what field he is in. Let it be backcountry riding in Arlberg, Heli snowboarding in Alaska or New Zealand, urban shredding in Helsinki, tree riding in Japan, park laps in Lake Tahoe or Halfpipe runs in Laax – CHAMäLEON does them all, for the fun of it, because it's snowboarding.

Markus Keller
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