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Absinthe Films jibbing machine through the eyes of his colleagues.
By Giacomo Margutti

 One of the most prolific well-rounded riders out there, his parts with Absinthe Films and his X Games Real Snow video parts just prove that. Listen to Travis Rice, JP Solberg and Romain de Marchi describing Bode's style and raw talent. Dan Brisse sums Bode up in describing his Backside Double Cork 1080 he threw down first try in Absinthe's Neverland. Another good example of his massive talent: in Absinthe's "Twel2ve" from 2011, Bode had a double part. Yes, he stomped so many tricks and brought home so much footage, that just didn't fit in one part only. As Scott Stevens said:

I've never seen anyone who can adapt and ride absolutely anything in their path like Bode. So many kids cabn jump but no rails and can rail and no jumps - Bode can do both.

Also, the thing is that Bode basically can do everything he wants on a snowboard or on a skate, stomping any of his tricks with such a mellow style. One of my favourite pictures from last season, one of the craziest tricks I've ever seen is Bode's one-footed Backside 720 Japan in powder which was just nonsense: take a look at 02'40'' to prove I'm right. Style and power, that's all that matters here.

Travis Rice
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