VIDEO: Threeple is the magic number!

Watch rookies Kyle Mack and Emil Andrè Ulsletten going for some Triple Corks!
By Giacomo Margutti

While his fellow countryman Torgeir Bergrem is said to have landed the very first Triple Cork 1620 (video coming soon!) in these days, Emil Andrè Ulsletten have been trying to get the first Switch Backside Triple Cork 1440 at Northstar park, California. As you can see from his clip, Emil is really close to stomp it, and we're all sure that the young viking is gonna make it very soon...

Kyle Mack is even younger than Emil, being only 15 years old (the US rider was born on January 1st 1998!). Back in January, he managed to beat Max Parrot to get first at the O'Neill Evolution Big Air event.

It was an all triple corks battle, with the Canadian shredder taking the win thanks to his insane Backside 14 Triple Cork, while the American rookie landed the very first Frontside Triple Rodeo 1440.

This is Kyle Mack at his best. This kid will go on rocking the snowboarding contests right from the beginning of the next season, and no doubt we're all going to hear about him at Sochi 2014 Slopestyle Olympic event.

Having said all this, the general audience is strongly and harshly divided into two splitted factions: is it just a predictable consequence of a natural evolution of the species (the tricks), or is it something that is making snowboarding more connected to aerials freestyle skiing? I have to admit that I don't really know where to position myself into this, still there's one thing to consider: since the riders seem to enjoy keeping on raising the bar more and more, now who's going to take the responsability to tell them not to? And why? Remember Torgeir Bergrem's fresh new Triple 1620 from these days coming next...

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