World's Top 10 Snowboarders - No.6 Torah Bright

McTwisting her way in at no.7 is Roxy's Aussie halfpipe slayer Torah Bright.
Torah Bright ©
By Ed Leigh

When god was dishing out talent to prospective mothers in 1986 Torah Bright’s mum was at the front of the queue with her loyalty card and a massive stack of coupons because lets face it, the girl has it all.

She’s beautiful from her chocolate box Roxy shoots, to her quiet confidence in interviews and her refusal to Americanise those wonderful tombstones she calls front teeth. But getting caught up in her looks is like eating too much candyfloss outside the big top, vomiting and missing the circus.

Torah Bright is the most progressive female snowboarder in the world, her work dragging women’s pipe riding off it’s toe edge and into switch backside territory is massively underrated and her commitment to the run she stomped in Vancouver almost cost her her career when she suffered three serious concussions in the build up to the Games.

She won her gold suffering from a headache that over time, far from getting better got worse. Soon after Torah was diagnosed with PCS or what used to be known as shell shock.

The Bright family moved to Salt Lake in 2000, Torah was 14 the fourth of five siblings but at that stage by no means the focus of the Bright families on snow endeavors. Her older sister Rowena a ski racer and Brother Ben a serious shredder in his own right were both showing a lot of potential. But sibling rivalry as is so often the case created the perfect incubator for young Torah.

Three years later she was runner up on the FIS world tour and Torah’s transition skills were starting to turn heads. She had become insanely comfortable with Mctwists and was starting to float them passed the three-metre mark in pipe, which in pro terms is well into the man zone. She pulled a couple out during the spring of 2004 that gave her cameos in a couple films and it earned her a wild card to the Arctic Challenge in 2005.

It was the year rain nearly stopped play in Tromsø, the quarter was a rotten mess and Andy Finch and Terje aside, everyone looked very average. Torah wasn’t playing by the same rules, quietly she worked her way up to a lazy Five and half metre McTwist in front of snowboarding’s media royalty. Suddenly their glazed soggy eyes lit up and a star had been made.

Torah's currency rose massively and with it the expectation to deliver, some riders struggle with that weight, but Torah fed off it. She is a born competitor who thrives under pressure. Go and check Wiki for the proof, the list of titles is huge.

She has gone toe to toe with Teter and Clark since 2007 in Superpipe and honours are just about even. They each have an Olympic Gold, numerous X Games Medals and a couple of TTR world Championships and it is clear that they have all fed off each others desire to win. The stage is set for an epic show down in Sochi.

But Torah only got back on her board in 2012 after eighteen months off, the fear being she would have dropped too far off the pace. A forth at X Games this year put those fears to bed. But she wasn’t done, Torah then announced she will be entering not just in pipe but also, Slope and, get this BoarderX! She’s lining up with 16 yr olds at NORAM races just to qualify!

Watch this space, if she succeeds she will be a lot further up this list next year.

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