Nike Never Not Part 2

Without giving us a moment to breathe after yesterday’s Never Not part 1, Nike go and drop part 2.
Nicolas Mueller at his best, a Method
By Tom Kingsnorth

Yesterday’s release of Nike Never Not Part 1, caused somewhat of a frenzy in the Snowboarding World as viewers everywhere rushed to Youtube to catch the 1st part of Nike’s much hyped release.

It didn’t disappoint and today Nike have not wasted anytime and have released part 2, this time on itunes. Never Not part 2 is less of a traditional trick flick like part 1 and offers more of a behind the scenes look of the Nike team in action.
Never Not Part 2 shows just how much blood, sweat and tears go into producing a full-length movie.

Nike Never Not Part 2 is available for the next 24 hours on Itunes


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