Artboard: Jamie Lynn

Inside the mind of snowboarding’s most iconic rider and artist.
Snowboards with art work created by Jamie Lynn.
Three Lib Tech designs © Jamie Lynn
By Jason Horton

Snowboarding, like its siblings skateboarding and surfing, is so much more than a sport: it’s a form of creative physical expression that is as much a dance as it is a sport. And while some push the sport’s progression by conquering bigger jumps, steeper mountains and new rotations of the body, others contribute to the culture with stylish riding and creative expression.

In snowboarding, nobody exemplifies this contribution both to the physical act and the creative expression more than Jamie Lynn.

Black and white portrait of Jamie Lynn.
Jamie Lynn © Jason Horton

Emerging in the early 1990s as the talented upstart of the new school freestyle revolution, Lynn had it all: pretty-boy good looks to make a girl’s heart burst, technical tricks smooth enough to make a boy’s brain melt, and a Method stylish enough to make a grown man cry.

And to top off all this, he had the talent with the brush. Blue-skinned nudes, trippy cats, rolling waves of snow and surf are the trademark motifs that have defined the look of Lib Tech Snowboards during Lynn’s 20-year collaboration with the brand, both as pro rider and graphic artist.

Art work created by Jamie Lynn.
Untitled Girls I, II © Jamie Lynn

What new directions have you taken with your artwork recently?
As always, taking inspiration from my surroundings; being in Hawaii for the last month and a half, I’ve definitely had a lot of fresh visual fodder to chew on. Keeping the same kind of imagery and colourful ways, but definitely more surf-inspired.

What’s been happening with Lib Tech Snowboards lately?
This year is the 20th anniversary of having a pro model with Lib, so besides the graphic, a big point for me was bringing camber and sidecut back to my board. That’s something that’s at the foundation of my riding, so I’m happy to again have a board that I really want to ride. As far as graphics go, it’s our 20th season, and I think it’s our best.

Art work created by Jamie Lynn.
Boat and Wave © Jamie Lynn

What keeps you inspired?
Just the opportunity to put myself out there in the world: experience new places, new faces, and just open yourself up to new inspiration. It’s important for me to go out into the world, alone, without any preconceived notions or expectations. When you open yourself up like that, you’ll be amazed at what comes to you.

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