This man wants to change the way you film, forever

Xavier de le Rue’s auto-drone is set to revolutionise snowboard filmmaking...
By Jason Horton

Helmet cams are sooo 2014… make way for personal drone cams!

A couple of months back, a mysterious video promoting ‘the first autonomous flying camera’ hit the webisphere and quickly went viral – not surprising really: a camera that patches into your smartphone and follows you around the mountain like a you-seeking missile seems too good to be true, right?

Explanation of the technology behind Hexoplus
Technology behind Hexoplus ©

Well, believe the hype. Despite the cries of “FAKE!” in comments sections around the ‘net, #nextlevelaerialfilming is for real, it’s backed by Xavier de le Rue, and it just blew up on Kickstarter, doubling its funding target in the first 24 hours.

Hexoplus drone tracking a rider
Hexoplus drone tracking a rider ©

It’s called Hexo+, and according to its Kickstarter page, $899 is all it’ll cost you to turn you into Travis Rice and your GoPro into Brain Farm (well, in your mind, anyway).

So, with a million dollars of crowdfunding secured for the next stage of prototype development, we caught up with Xavier de le Rue to get the story on how Hexo+ will bring aerial follow-cam to the masses – check out what Xavier has to say in the video above.

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